Nabihah Ahmad: Exam.. Wish me luck!



Saturday, 20 October 2012

Exam.. Wish me luck!

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

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Anyeonghaseyo! I'm currently hiastus right?? But I'm can't leave this blog alone. But this entry maybe would be the last in this month because I have to take end-of-year examination.. Urghhh.. I'm so un-lucky this year. I have the PBS, and I also have an examination. In any case, I must pray to Allah for my luck. I hope I will get a better result than before.(BI bersepah)

Seriously, Bieha risau sangat. Tak study lagi coz semua orang ingatkan takde perikse. Headache, headache. Help me!! Dah lah Isnin nie paper sejarah. I love u la sejarah. Give me a chance ok??
A note for my self: Don't take everything easy, don't regret if anything happen.
Nota budaknakexamtakstudylagi
#This time, I'm seriously hiatus

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